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3 Captain Time Tips to solve 3 Productivity Problems

Avast ye landlubbers.  Here are three of the best productivity tips from Captain Time to get ye started.  Ye can set sail for for more bounty!

Enough of the pirate talk and on to the tips.


Dealing with difficult decisions

If you have found yourself in a quandary over a decision then perhaps creating a decision matrix is for you.  It is a simple table listing the different options vs. the factors that play a role in deciding which option is the best.  You then assign a score for each factor for the various options and then sum the scores to determine the best option.  A sample matrix is shown below.

Decision Matrix


The Captain used an example to show it could be used in practice.  Let’s say you wanted to purchase an incredibly expensive phone.  The factors determining which luxury phone you opt for may relate to the speed, screen resolution etc.  You then score each of these factors from 1-5 for each option (phone) and sum the scores to determine which will deprive you of your hard earned salary.


How to Prioritize tasks

There are many ways to determine task priorities.  The Captain time gave several steps to help isolate what is important and what tasks you should spend your time on.  These ranged from the age old refer to the manager to determining which tasks will allow others to progress to determining the most important single task for that day.  The tip covering the “allowing others to progress”, is always a critical one for Project Managers especially to keep in mind.


Best Time management tools

Here at we are always on the lookout for new and innovative productivity solutions.  Captain Time has devoted a page to this topic with some interesting selections.  One interesting one that I have not come across is a “Text expander”.  This is a program that enables you to setup some hotkeys to enter snippets of text.  So, with a single press of a hotkey you could enter your full address, email signature etc.  This sounds like a great time saver if you find yourself repeatedly having to type the same information.


Final Words

Many thanks to Captain Time, a.k.a. Garland Coulson for the great tips.  Check out more great tips over at


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