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Convert a web page to an app in 10 seconds

I stumbled across this great tip on how to make any web page appear as an app using Google Chrome –  courtesy of Make Use Of.  This is but a 20 second tip so let’s get started.

I need a volunteer web page.  I have been looking at the Zendone 2.0 features recently so let’s take Zendone as the example.

Step 1

Using the Google Chrome browser, navigate to the page that you would like to appear as an application.

Step 2

Go to the Chrome Settings, then “More tools”, then select “Add to Desktop”.

Chrome Settings

Step 3

A  new window will pop up asking what you would like to name the desktop icon.  Type whatever name suits and click the tick box for “Open as window”.

Chrome Open as Window

Step 4

Now go to your desktop where you should now find the new icon that you have just created.  Double click on it and the page will now appear like a full application.  The screenshot below shows how our Zendone now looks like as an app!

Zendone as an AppSmall

Thumbs up to the guys at Google and “Make use of” for this one!

Brendan Toner

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