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Mindmapping AppSummaryPlatformPrice
iMindmapiMindmap 10 is visually impressive with an overwhelming number of formatting and styling variants. However, while the visuals have been buffed to a gleaming shine, the usability of some iMindmap 10 features could do with improvement. Full iMindmap 10 Review.Windows$100 for Student, $235 for Ultimate
Mind GeniusIntegration with MS Project, Gantt views, Resource assignment, report functions.Windows£147 for single user license
MindmanagerGantt views, project management functions (resources, costings), Advanced filtering, Task supplementary date (images, Tags, File attachments etc.). Windows, OSX, IOS, Android$418
Ithoughts for WindowsWith this release iThoughts is now available across the Windows, IOS and Mac operating systems. It retains a mobile App feel, but with a distinctly less mobile App price of $50. Best considered if you are an existing iThoughts owner to get the advantage of native iThoughts support while qualifying for price discounts. Full review of iThoughts for Windows.Windows$50, excluding discounts
IthoughtsHDConsidered one of the finest IOS mindmapping apps. Easy task manipulation, dropdown notepads, file/image linking, simple project data (resources, Dates etc.) Excellent import/export functionality. Full review of iThoughts for IOS.IOS£8.99
FreemindLightweight, simple free tool. JavaFree
MindmeisterReal time collaboration on maps, change tracking, basic task management (resources, dates), export options, file attachments from other web apps.Web, Android, IOSFree for 3 maps, $60 for 6 months for Pro license giving unlimited maps, upload of files, export to other formats
XMindIntegration with Xmind Cloud to synchronise maps across computers, integration with MS Office, Gantt chart conversion, various viewing format optionsWindows OS X, LinuxFree, $79 for Plus bringing MS Office integration, $99 for Pro adding MS project support, Gantt charts and presentation features
CoggleCollaborative online mindmap creation. Track changes to maps, drag n drop images to maps.WebFree, $5 per month for presentation/sharing tools, $8 per month giving advanced data management
BubblInline collaborative mindmapping with Android and IOS apps. Contacts can be added and maps shared with them for co-working. Chat functionality and simple export optionsWeb, IOSFree, $59 per year for unlimited maps and file attachment
MindomoRequires Adobe Air, Drag n drop files to maps, synchronisation with online maps, compatible with multiple OSWindows, OS X, IOS, Linux, AndroidFree, $36 for 6 months bringing unlimited maps, 1GB storage, Import/Export, IPAD/Android sync, $162 per 6 months for Team license
MindnodeApple centric mindmapping but with import options for Mindmanager and Freemind. Minimalistic app with focus on content. Synchronisation across Apple platforms and devices possible vis iCloud.IOS, OS X$9.99 for IOS app, $29.99 for Mac App
MindmapleMulti-platform tool with fairly extensive feature list. File attachment, import from Mondmanager, freemind, Export as image, PDF, Task details (schedule, progress), task linkingWindows, Mac and IOSFor IPAD: Free, $4.99 for unlimited documents. For Windows app: Free, $9.99 per year for MS Office Integration and PDF export