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Top 3 New Features of Droptask 2.0

It’s been a while since I reviewed Droptask last year and things have changed.  Droptask 2.0 has arrived and as with anything appended with “2.0”, it is bigger and better.  Here are the top three new features of this visual task manager.

Top Feature #1 : Droptask goes Kanban

Although Kanban has roots in manufacturing and software development it is becoming popular in task management.  A simple typical representation of how it is applied is shown in the picture below.  Normally a Kanban board has several columns indicating the development phase or status of the tasks in that columnIn it’s simplest form you may have a simple three column structure like that below with ToDo, Doing and Done.  In a physical form, the tasks can be pinned or stuck to the board using post-it notes.  Software equivalents are also prevalent, and the only option for distributed teams.  Apps such as Trello which really specialize in this format have helped promote this method as a simple, visual way to manage tasks.


Simple Kanban Board

In the case of Droptask, a simple Board can also be formed using the Categories and all of the subtasks of those categories will populate the category column, like that shown below.


Droptask 2.0 Workflow – Kanban style

If you mix up the Kanban columns a little there are lots of productivity applications for Kanban as can be seen in the review of the Abstractspoon Kanban Plugin.


Top Feature #2 : Droptask goes filter crazy

With any sizeable task list some sort of filtering becomes necessary to prevent information overload and to really focus on the tasks of interest.  With this in mind, Droptask 2.0 has bolstered it’s filtering abilities.  The current filtering options are summarized in the filter window below.


As can be seen, many of the options for defining effort, urgency etc. are a very simple relative scale.  There is no entering hours and minutes here.  Simple, elegant and naturally fast to define.


Top Feature #3 : Droptask goes small (and big again) with collapsible categories

If you have a very long traditional task list, one can feel overwhelmed by the text.  Collapsible outline views can help compartmentalize the tasks and reduce this.  The same is true of graphical task lists.  With many tasks in DropTask, one can have a mountain of bubbles, with each little bubble representing a task.  In addition to the filters mentioned previously, Droptask 2.0 has another trick up it’s sleeve to prevent information overload.  The categories can be collabsed by hitting the little icon on the edge of the category circle.  Hitting the X will expand it again.


Collapsible Categories

In reviewing the IOS version of the App though I do note that the collapsible button is not available on the edge of the Category circle.  One has to first click the category then push the button to collapse.  So, an extra step needed but one which could be time consuming if you are opening and closing the Categories a lot.


Droptask 2.0 Collapsible categories in IOS

For more details check out the video below from Droptask where you can see the new features in action.  I have started playing around with the new features on different platforms.  In general, what I see is that Droptask, with it’s big and bold visual task representation, really benefits from having a big screen.  Small handphone screens diminish the experience.  I will share more of my thoughts on Droptask 2.0 in a later article.

Brendan Toner

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