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Top 5 New GTD Features of Zendone 2.0

It has been some time since my review of Zendone and meanwhile things have changed for this Getting Things Done (GTD) task manager.  Zendone 2.0 has arrived and here are the five top features to expect with this release.


1.     Re-designed User Interface for Zendone 2.0

Zendone 1.0 had already a polished interface but Zendone 2.0 raises the bar even further with a new user interface.  They have described it as “lighter, flatter and cleaner”, and indeed it comes across as a clean interface with everything where it should be.  Check out the screen shot below.

Zendone 2.0 UI

2.     Grouping of actions, GTD style

In Getting Things Done (GTD), it is possible to categorize tasks by context, energy or time available.  Context normally refers to the place that you will be doing the actionable task such as at home, at work, at computer etc.  Time available is simply that you can easily find those quick 5min tasks to do in a narrow time window before the next meeting etc.  Energy available is simply a recognition that we are not machines that can operate at 100% all of the time.  So, when you hit that 2pm slump and you are running on empty, you can switch to the tasks that require less mental effort.

Zendone 2.0 now has baked in all of these considerations into the task grouping.  So, when you click on the Review and Organize tab you will then have some menu options to group them according to these criteria.

Zendone GTD Grouping

Task grouping categories

Group Actions

Task view by group


3.     New task process form

Another key element if GTD is task processing.  After dumping tasks into the Inbox, they need to be processed.  Here you need to define what needs to be done with each task and when.  Also, the various GTD labels can also be attached to the task at this point such as energy, context etc. As mentioned earlier.

Zendone 2.0 now has a revamped process window where all sections/lists are immediately available for selection enabling faster processing of the Inbox tasks.

Zendone Task Processing

Zendone 2.0 Task Processing Window


4.     Zendone Offline support

It is increasingly the case for internet based task managers that native apps are being supplied for all platforms – Windows, IOS, Android, Mac etc.

Zendone v2.0 is also moving int his direction and for the PC, where a browser needs to be used offline support is now available.  This means you can use Zendone with no internet connection using HTML 5 functionality.  The data is stored locally and when an internet connection becomes available the data will be synchronized with the cloud.

5.     New Zendone 2.0 touch apps for phones and Tablets

As stated, native apps are becoming a must for accessing your tasks independent of the platform you are using or your location.  Out and about on your phone, or at the desk, the tasks need to be available and in a format that is efficient to use.  Zendone delivers on this with visually pleasing IOS and Android Apps.  They have the same look and feel as the Windows experience on a browser so you should have no difficulty in using any/all of the different platforms on any given day.


Last Words

Phew! the guys at Zendone have been busy to get all this together.  Let me know if I have missed any key aspects of the new release!

Brendan Toner

Let me welcome you to this alcove of the internet. In this little productivity blog, I detail the trials and tribulations of trying to use my time more effectively utilising the latest productivity tools and techniques. I hope you enjoy the articles, cheers! Brendan Toner, author of Done Before Brekky

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