Free #todo list meets #Kanban

For fans of Kanban, Christmas must be coming early. Kanban is a great visual tool for team task management, and, it seems to be coming to the free todo list from Abstractspoon. I stumbled across this great Kanban plugin on the google plus site for the Abstractspoon todolist where it can now be downloaded. It is still a work in progress but shows great potential and again enhances this little app as a powerful and flexible productivity tool.

The plugin creates a new Kanban view tab with each of the columns aligning to statuses that have been defined in the task list. For example, you now populate the status of the tasks with To do, In Progress, Done etc. And when you switch to the Kanban view these now appear as column headers to give a very clear view on one page of the planned, active and completed activities.

Task Entry for Abstractspoon todolistTask entry with Kanban status


Todolist with kanban board

The new Kanban view in Abstractspoon todolist


Since it is still in development the functionality is not complete. I see a few things are on the table including,

  • Re-ordering of the columns
  • Colour configuration
  • Column visibility
  • Multiple selections


It currently looks promising so keep up the good work Dan! (the app developer)



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