Snowed under to hit list in 2 steps!

Your day should begin with a glance over your todo list to determine the tasks for that day, a hit list if you will. A quick tip to ensure this is a glance and not reading a list of tomal (yes, this is a word I invented, derived from Tome.  Isn’t it an author’s perogative to do this from time to time and if not then what is the point in writing!) proportions to determine those tasks. Two items any self respecting todo list app should have is the ability to filter the list and to flag or highlight tasks. When used well these are powerful weapons in your arsenal.

First, the filter. If you have a long list you should have additional filter able information with each task. Depending on your work flow that could be due dates, priorities, context etc. so, first thing in the morning filter to shorted the long list to a digestible size enabling a quick look over the most important, highest priority or time/energy applicable tasks.

After applying the filter, it is now time for the double whammy, the flagging of the tasks. For the short listed tasks, flag those you intend to cover that day.

So, in two quick steps you go from snowed under with tasks to your hit list for that day.  Let me know how you get on with this one!

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