The Science of Productivity, in 3min 16sec

Just sharing a nice youtube video I stumbled across. In a 3min 16sec info graphic it outlines explains the science of productivity. So, kick back, click on the link and enjoy!

The Science of Productivity

For those luddites among you who prefer good old black and white text (on a Hi-Res retina display of course), some takeaways were,

  1. Actually start something! If you don’t finish your sub-conscious will do a guilt trip on you.
  2. Disciplined scheduling. It is not about willpower. Get into a schedule and stick to it. Indeed I have heard elsewhere that it takes 21 days for new habits to stick and become normal for you. So, pick up a good habit, persevere for 21 days and it is with you for life! (Hopefully, if this science stuff is actually right).
  3. Stop multi-Tasking. I know you think it makes you look busy and maybe even cool – if it involves a uni-cycle and juggling, but it is not that productive.
  4. Break activities down into bite size chunks. Huge tasks are daunting so break it into small, manageable pieces.

There you have it. Enjoy.

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